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Waldorf Dress Up Doll Kits

#903 - 12" Doll Kit - $34.95   
#900 - 16" Doll Kit - $37.95   
#904 - 20" Doll kit - $49.95   

Make your doll from organic doll supplies.
(NOTE: this is not a kit, supplies for one doll are listed together and can be bought together.)

(click on picture for larger view)

Never made a doll before? Our kits come with clear, complete instructions to walk you through the pleasure of making your child's very own doll.

KIT INCLUDES: complete instructions, cotton knit fabric for body with pattern silkscreened on the fabric, cotton tubing for inner head, yarn for hair, matching threads, string for soft sculpturing head, embroidery floss for facial features, wool batting to stuff. Sewing patterns for simple dress or shirt, pinafore, pants and underwear (clothing fabrics not included).

YOU WILL NEED: Doll Making needles, ball point hand and machine needles (all available below), general sewing tools. Sewing machine recommended.
These dolls are for children ages two and older.

Please note skin and yarn colors may not show up accurately online, for exact colors, order swatch cards.

Please select custom features for your doll:

Select doll size:

12" doll   16" doll    20" doll  

Select skin color:

peach   blush   tan   cocoa   brown  

Yarn Strand comparisons

closeup details of yarns

MOHAIR is a soft, fluffy fiber that makes a beautiful doll hair.

show mohair colors

BOUCLE has loops all along the length to give a fuller, curlier look.
Add $4.00 for this yarn

show mohair boucle colors

ONE PLY is a chunky, thick yarn that gives more of a 'rag doll' look.

show one ply wool/mohair colors

ORGANIC WORSTED is a classic 3 ply worsted knitting yarn that's certified organic.
Add $2.00 for this yarn

show organic colors

To Select yarn for hair:

Click on purple text to the left to show colors of each yarn available.
Select your yarn using the radio buttons.

Yarn strand comparisons:

Please note all yarns will shed at cut ends when the doll is new.

Close ups of the fibers to see the differences between the yarns on this page.

Save time! You can add the following options:

Would you like a pre-sewn body?

no thanks   Yes - 12" or 16" doll - add $6.00
Yes - 20" doll - add $7.50  

Would you like a pre-formed head?

no thanks
add pre-formed head - add $14.00

Would you like a pre-made hair style?

You can have the yarn pre-cut and sewn into a hair style.

NOTE: Once yarn is sewn into a hair style, it is no longer returnable or exchangeable.

To see hair styles, Click here for pictures and information.

no thanks
Braids or pigtails - add $4.75
Single layer long hair - add $4.75
Double layer long hair - add $4.75
Double layer short bob - add $4.75

Would you like additional wool stuffing?

The amount of wool stuffing in each kit is the average amount needed to make a doll. Occasionally someone requests a little more stuffing just to be on the safe side, or to be able to overstuff.

Would you like an extra 2 ounces of wool batting in your kit?

no thanks   Yes - add 2 ounces of extra stuffing - add $1.95

Do you need Doll Making needles?

Doll Making Needles

Three long hand sewing needles for dollmaking.
Used for all kits with soft sculpted heads.

no thanks    add doll making needles - add $3.25

Do you need Ball Point Hand needles?

Ball Point Hand Sewing Needles

For hand sewing on knit materials. Prevents the needle from making holes in the fabric. Package of 10.

no thanks    ball point hand sewing needles - add $2.75

Do you need Ball Point machine needles?

Ball Point Machine Needles

For sewing on knits. You DO NOT need these if you select a presewn body for your kit. Schmetz brand, size 80/12, 5 per package.

no thanks    add ball point machine needles - $3.75


Please note waldorf doll kits are assembled especially to your specifications; 15% restocking charge on kit returns.

Doll Clothing and Doll Clothing Patterns

Too busy to make the clothes? For finished doll clothing pages:

click here for 16" doll clothing

click here for 12" doll clothing

Waldorf Doll Clothing Patterns:

Sewing patterns and directions for a wardrobe of easy to make garments: yoked dress, jumper or slip, blouse, underwear and pantaloons, pants, nightie, simple gathered dress and pinafore and coat. Available in two sizes: for 16" to 18" doll, and for a 12" doll.

#901 - Clothing pattern - $5.95

16" - 18" doll size


12" doll size


Unisex / Boy Waldorf Clothing Patterns

A wardrobe of clothing for boy dolls! Pattern includes undershorts, collared shirt, vest, pants or short, overalls, and PJ's.

#935 - Unisex/boys Clothing pattern for 16"-18" Dolls - $4.95


Button Jointed Waldorf Doll Pattern:

Just want the pattern, not the complete kit? Button jointed, posable Waldorf dolls in 12" and 16"sizes with complete dollmaking instructions.
Includes clothing patterns (dress, pinafore, pantaloons, underwear, shirt and pants) with sewing instructions for both size dolls.
Note: the Waldorf doll clothing patterns below will fit these dolls also. Available soon as a kit.

#934 - Button Jointed Waldorf Doll Pattern - $7.95