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Wool roving for wet and needle felting:

Merino, Corriedale, Homespun, Ecosoft, undyed wool, curly wool locks, core fiber and sparkle rovings

Quality felting wool in many fabulous colors, individually, in bulk, or in assortments.
Large assortment of hard-to-find fibers: braided wool roving, curly locks, pencil roving, metallic roving.....
New: thick wool felt for felting!
Wool beads and flowers to felt jewelry, clothing, and accessories.

Merino wool roving

Corriedale wool roving

Ecosoft wool roving

Home Spun carded wool

merino wool roving for needle felting
corriedale wool roving for needle felting
ecosoft wool roving for needle felting and wet felting
homespun carded wool roving for needle felting and wet felting

fine fiber for needle felting

colors for needle felting

for wet and needle felting

fastest for wet felting

Color assortments

Natural Undyed Wool

Core Fiber Carded Wool

Merino Wool Prefelt

wool roving assortments for needle felting
natural undyed wool roving for needle felting

wool fiber batting
Prefelt - lightly felted wool batt

palettes of 6 to 44 colors

undyed and curly wool locks

wool for insides of felted objects

lightly felted wool sheets

Blended Merino Colors

Curly Wool Locks

Braided Wool

Metallic/Sparkly Fiber

blended color merino wool roving for needle felting
curly wool locks
dyed wool hair and beards
metallic and iridescent roving

heathered mixes of colors

curly wool for texture

dyed braided wool hair and beards

mylar metallic roving and iridescent roving

Pencil Roving

Felted Wool Beads

Purses and Flowers

Handmade Wool Felt

pencil roving - thin wool roving strands
felted wool beads and balls
felted pursefelted flower
handmade thick 100% all wool felt

thin wool strands

wool belt beads in many colors and sizes

felt flowers or make your own, plain felt purses to embellish

soft and porous, a base for felting upon

felting wool assortment bags | dyed corriedale wool fiber | wet felting wool
natural undyed wool

blended color wool fiber | braided wool | curly locks

pencil roving | sparkly roving | mohair rovings | core fiber wool

wool felt | felt beads | wool felt purses and flowers | angel merino roving