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Non-profit volunteer heroines

It's wonderful to hear about good news and compassionate giving that are happening in our crafting community.
Below are some projects you may want to be aware of or contribute to.
If you are involved in a non-profit project and would like to be listed, please email us!

Dolls for Peruvian children

From Heidi G: My daughters and I are making dolls for children in Peru. If at any time you find you have extra fabric (especially brown/tan) and extra hair yarn (especially brown, black and red/orange), we are looking for donations so that we can continue making dolls for kids who have none.

To contact Heidi: mimosagrace@gmail.com

Waldorf dolls for healing Congo families

Recently some dollmaking volunteers travelled to the DRCongo, where ongoing civil war has claimed millions of lives and left families broken and fleeing, to share the healing power of making dolls with Congolese women. They returned to their homes in Rhode Island and are selling the dolls to raise money for Congo refugee work.

Here's what volunteer Betty Merner said upon her return:

I'm back from DRCongo, safe and sound, and filled with new thoughts! The women managed to make 100 of the soft dolls which we are selling. People back here are very excited to buy these little dolls. Attached is a picture of the women on the last day.
Best wishes, Betty

To buy one of these dolls, please contact Betty Merner at bettymerner@aol.com. You can also visit their blog and website Empower Congo Women, to find out more about this work. You can also donate directly at the web site. Empower Congo Women is a 501c)3 non-profit.