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Crafting with Children

On this page: felting kits, knitting kits, braiding kits, toymaking with children

Teaching your children (or yourself!) the hand-eye coordination skills involved in crafts has so many benefits. Besides the satisfaction of actually creating something new, it increases our interaction and understanding of the world on a number of levels (see article on curriculum). It has been shown to increase intelligence in seemingly unrelated areas. Recent brain research has shown that knitting and crocheting actually produce much of the same beneficial stress reductions physiologically in the body as meditation or yoga practice. Wow!

It doesn't have to be hard to start. On this page, we've compiled in one spot what we offer for kids and beginners. Pick a simple knitting or corking kit (Corking is the British word for spool knitting). Many of our books offer wonderful projects to do with your children. "Toymaking with Children", is especially good and are below, as well as on our 'Books' page to the left. We have some new titles in on felting with kids.

I'd recommmend starting with any of the felting kits, or the knitting spool and "Corking" book. By second grade age, your child is probably ready to knit and do simple sewing projects. Our knitting book and yarn kit is a good start - offering explicit knitting directions, project ideas, and a starter pack of yarns.

Crafting Books for kids

Felt Button Bead

by Catherine Woram

Sewing and crafting with fabric for kids to get creative and express themselves while also equipping them with valuable life skills. Even better, it's a fun thing to do and the resulting creations will be the envy of the school yard as well and making great gifts for family and friends. Divided into 4 sections crammed with cute and colorful projects, "Toys and Games", "Gifts", "Clothing" and "Accessories". Every project can be completed in a few simple steps and many reuse and recycle items you already have at home. 128 pages, hardbound.

#734 - Felt Button Bead - $19.95


Crafts Through the Year

by Thomas and Petra Berger

If you are interested in teaching your children handwork, this is the book! This comprehensive book includes crafts for children to make at home or school. Detailed instructions, diagrams and color photographs on making a range of seasonal items are given: from decorated eggs and pompoms, straw and origami animals, to autumn garlands, lanterns, festive wreaths and paper window stars.

Packed with enjoyable projects, this is the perfect resource for both parents and teachers. This is a fully revised compilation of the Christmas, Easter, and Harvest Craft Books. 172 pages, softbound.

#731 - Crafts Through the Year - $24.95


Creative Wool: Making Woollen Crafts with Children

by Karin Neuschutz

If you are interested in teaching your children handwork, this is the book! This lively full-colour illustrated craft book shows how to make a range of handicrafts from fleece and yarn, including toys, friendship bracelets and braids, balls, pompoms, dolls, dolls' clothes and animals. With clear diagrams and step-by-step instructions, the book starts by introducing children to basic methods of spinning yarn, crocheting, knitting and felting. There is a broad range of projects for children of all ages to complete, working together with adults.

#728 - Creative Wool - $19.95


Toymaking with Children

by Freya Jaffke

A wonderful book addressing the meaning and progression of play through childhood development as well as instructions for many toys and playthings. Projects cover a wide range of toys from play stands, play clothes, woodcarving, making a variety of dolls, dollhouses and doll accessories, knitted animals, working with roving and nature items. 159 pages, softbound.

#706 - Toymaking with Children - $24.95


Felt bead jewelry kits

Jazzy Beaded felted bead bracelet kit

Beaded wool beads in Art Deco colors make a quick and fun bracelet. Beads, elastic, needle and instructions included. Ages 5 and up done with an adult, ages 8 and up independently.

#819 - felted jewelry kit - $5.29


Wool felt bead bracelet kit

These felted wool bead bracelets are fast, fun, and simple to make. Special premium elastic cord eliminates the need for clasps.
Small glass beads are used a spacers in between the wool felt beads.Beads, elastic, needle and instructions included. Ages 5 and up done with an adult, ages 8 and up independently.

#818 - felt bead bracelet kit - $4.99

Warm colors bracelet kit

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Blue colors bracelet kit

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Green colors bracelet kit

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Pastel colors bracelet kit

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Neutral colors bracelet kit

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Easy felting kits


Colorful roving, yarn, soap and a tapestry needles (all included in kit) are all that's needed to make this lovely necklace and bracelet. For ages 7 and older. By Feltcraft.

#965 - Rainbow jewelry kit - $13.99



This award winniing kit uses a simple technique to create little people from all over the world.. Three skin colors and five hair colors are included in the kit along with colorful wool for clothing. The kit makes 12-15 people. You will need water, scissors and one of the following: sewing needle and thread, low temperature glue gun, or craft glue. Winner of 1999 Parents' Choice Gold Award. By Feltcraft. Ages 8 and up with adult .supervision.

#973 - little people felt kit - $14.99



(Click on picture for larger image)
Wet-felting heart shapes out of wool roving, parents and children can easily create a beautiful bouquet. Kit includes step by step photo instructions and materials to make three flowers.
Flowers are intended for use as a decoration only, not as a toy. Keep away from pets.

This project was first published by Living Crafts Magazine, Fall 2008 issue, www.LivingCrafts.com.

#960 - felted heart flowers kit - $14.99



(Click on picture for larger image)
Created by wet felting, this quick and easy project combines the delights of water play and bouncing balls.Kit includes step by step photo instructions and materials to make 2 pumpkins. Acorns are not included.You will need a 3" bouncy ball, needle, and thread.For ages 6 to adult.
Pumpkin is intended for use as a decoration, not a toy. Keep away from pets.

This project was first published by Living Crafts Magazine, Fall 2008 issue, www.LivingCrafts.com.

#961 - felted pumpkin kit - $13.99



kumihimo BRAIDING

Notched high density foam board for making kumihimo braids. Includes instructions for various braids. For ages 7 and older.

#110 - Braiding Disk - $3.95

Option: add a color palette to play with. 36 ten yard skeins of cotton craft thread, perfect for braiding card projects - $5.50.

Also available with pack of 25 plastic bobbins to keep your threads from tangling - add $1.50.

Optionally you can add a printed copy of our free online disk instructions. Well illustrated and step by step guide to various braids.
(Click here for kumihimo book information).

Add 36 skein cotton craft thread assortment?

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Add 25 floss bobbins?

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Knitting and spool knitting

The first two kits include "how to knit" instructions, knitting needles, and all materials to complete garter stitch projects for beginners. The spool knitting kit introduces the principles of knitting in a traditional way.


(click on picture for larger image)

The Waldorf version of the nerfball. Kit makes six small balls and one larger multicolor ball. For ages 7 and older.

#995 - Rainbow Ball Kit -$15.95



(click on picture for larger image)

Makes two simple dolls and a carrying pouch. For ages 7 and older.

#998 - Pouch Pals Kit - $16.95



from Sterling Publishing
The author begins by describing needles and yarns and then moves on to the basics, using excellent explanations and clear illustrations to describe casting on, the knit stitch, binding off, reading a pattern and measuring gauge. There's a wide range of difficulty and skill levels to challenge all abilities. Age range 8 and up. 96 pages.

#721 - $10.95



from Kids Can Easy Crafts
Corking is the English word for spool knitting. An idea book for the knitting spool with simple finger puppets, hair scrunchies, and much more. 32 pages, softbound.

#707 - $7.95



Make bracelets, pins and other fabulous hair and fashion accessories with yarn. Kit includes yarn in 5 colors, a wooden French knitting tool, wooden buttons, and pony beads. Knits a long 'tail'. For ages 5 and older.

#996 - Knitting spool and yarns - $12.99